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I grew up on my Grandfather’s ranch in southern California and in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. I spent a lot of time outdoors –playing under big skies where I paid attention to the magical effects of light in nature. Weekends were spent at my grandmother’s house in Laguna Beach- a long-time artists’ colony. In Laguna’s art galleries, my Grandmother introduced me to the land and seascape paintings of the California Impressionists past and present. These early encounters with art, combined with my love of the outdoors honed my ability to feel, observe, and distill. The seed of landscape painting was planted in me.
When I decided to formally study landscape painting, my primary teachers became Maddine Insalaco and Joe Vinson of Etruscan Places who live and teach in Buonconvento, Italy. Other teachers who have helped my paintings evolve are California landscape painter Libby Tolley and Master Teacher Jim Smyth who was trained in the Russian Impressionist style.

I currently reside, paint, and teach in Memphis, TN, USA
I spend several months a year in the homeland of my birth and heart, the great and Golden State of California.